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Castrcium_Als_Uitvalsbasis_Voor_Een_Dagje_Uit_Naar_Stad_Haarlem About Haarlem

Haarlem opens its doors to visitors from all over the world. It is the capital of the province of North-Holland and has a wonderful historic centre and some of the best museums in the Netherlands. In 2009, the city was listed as “the most welcoming city in the Netherlands” because of the large variety of shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and outdoor terraces in the summer time. Historical and cultural treasures of Haarlem

If you love nature and the beach, you are in a fabulous spot. By bike, you can pedal along the dunes, over the dunes and down the beach. You can also combine nature with excursions by riding to the nearby beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.  In just a 20 minute train ride, you can be in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Schiphol Airport

Haarlem is close to Schiphol airport (20 km) so foreign visitors have fast and easy access to the city. From Schiphol airport you can take either a  bus or train to Haarlem.  If you are travelling to Haarlem by train then you need to change trains at Amsterdam Sloterdijk station. For a more direct route, take Bus 300, a fast bus service between Haarlem and Schiphol. The journey from Schiphol to Haarlem takes approximately 40 – 45 minutes.


Public Transport

In the Netherlands there is a large network of public transport available. The most common means of transport are by train and by bus. In cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam you may choose the subway or a tram. Plan your journey wheretostay

Suggestions for accommodation

In the city centre of Haarlem, there are several hotels. From the city centre to the University you can take the bus or the train. Some suggestions.