Postgraduate Education in Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology

The IMRT TP, IMRT HOC and IGRT HOC courses held at Inholland University are certainly an important contribution to the education of State-of-the-Art techniques and updates in Radiation Oncology. A precise and methodic organization ensures that the participants are provided with all the necessary information and environment for a good outcome.

Specialized and experienced lecturers/professionals guide the participants through all the lessons and hands-on sessions, actively contributing to interesting discussions and exercises that encourage the participants to further develop their skills and knowledge. In the context of these courses, students will also work and learn with each other, sharing different approaches and experiences, simultaneously enabling them to build a wider and helpful contact network.

As a junior RTT, that recently attended and completed the three available modules, I must say that it was a great experience that highly contributed to my personal and professional growth. I would, definitely, advise anyone interested in developing their knowledge and skills in State-of-the-Art techniques, such as IGRT, VMAT or SABR, to attend the available courses at Inholland University and learn with this great experience!