Postgraduate Education in Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology

It was a great opportunity to participate in this “Online IMRT Training Course” and “IMRT TP Hands-on Course” at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

During this half year, the online course gave me the opportunity to improve and to get a deeper knowledge in IMRT, VMAT and other techniques. From the point of view of a physicist, that is starting with the IMRT technique in our department, it was very challenging and gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and confidence to apply this knowledge in our final goal, treating patients.

This course includes a review of the state of the art in IMRT and other techniques. The structure of the online lessons is based on several patient cases. Each one gives the student a new approach to the technique and made us improve ourselves. The online presentations of the results of the treatment planning exercises followed by discussion time make the learning curve steep.

The Hands-on Course in Haarlem was another excellent opportunity to meet other students, professionals in this field area with different experience and knowledge. All TPS were available to practice the case studies all over the week with the best support of the teachers, lecturers and companies training team.

I strongly recommend this course to all professionals in this field area, starting IMRT, consolidating the knowledge and have the opportunity to gain practical experience in this state of the art field.