Postgraduate Education in Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology

The Inholland VMAT Treatment Planning hands-on course differentiates itself by offering useful learnings for experienced Radiation Oncology Physicians, Physicists and Planning Radiographers.

The persons who gain the most already have some experience with IMRT planning and hope to improve their skills and grow their understanding. Participants come from all over Europe and the curriculum is not exclusively Dutch but includes examples from the highest levels of cancer care seen in the Netherlands. The comparisons of different approaches to solving complex problems, showing common pitfalls and different ways to achieve best practice is what makes this course unique. The novice user can also gain from this course, but for those who are experienced and believe there is more out there to learn in way of advanced IMRT planning, this course will prove quite rewarding. 

Participating RTP vendors also learn from this course and are eager participants!

Ian Norton