Postgraduate Education in Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology

Personal Professional Development 

At every level of work, different competencies and skills are required. The competencies and skills that fit the work of a bachelor are different from those of a master.

Within the MIRO master program, the focus is on transitioning from bachelor to master within the same working environment. Within this change, the participant will take a different place/position/attitude within the organization. During the training the participant, immediate working environment, future working environment and management will see these changes in attitude.

Dealing with such changes is a challenge for both the participant as his working environment. Colleagues may portrait different and changing expectations towards the participant. Uncertainty amongst the participant of what can be expected of him, what the participant expects of himself and what competencies and skills the master role entails is a part of personal professional development.

The aim of this course is to assist the participant when developing his master competencies and guide him within his changing working environment.

This course runs mainly during the first two years of the MIRO master program and consists of the following components:
1. Personal development plan (throughout the whole master)
2. Masterclasses (years 1 and 2)
3. Theory in group meetings (year 1)
4. Intervision with peers (years 1 and 2)
5. Project (years 1 and 2)
6. Personal coaching interviews (years 1 and 2)
7. Study coaching (throughout the whole master)

The course is developed based on the concept Programmatic assessment. The assessments are designed in such a way to continuously develop on the personal level. The path chosen by the participant for his personal development is individual and supervised by a Personal Professional Development coach.

Target group

The course is suitable for healthcare professionals with a bachelor’s degree or higher, who work or have affinity with the (para)medical field and would like to have a better understanding of the world we live in.

Organizers and teachers

The course director is Thom Roding. The teaching faculty consists of a tutor and coaches to guide you during the development of your professional skills.

Further Information

For more information about the course please contact the course director Thom Roding;

For all practical information, please contact the secretariat;
e-mail: /  phone: +31-884 663 030 

Course fee  € 3000,- (this includes the two-day intensive course at our campus,
but not the travel and accommodation costs)

OCT-2021 – FEB-2023, online kick-off (5 Oct) and six online meetings
(2 Nov, 11 Jan, 8 Feb, 17 May, 14 Jun, 5 Jul)

The first day of the two-day intensive course will be on 9 December,
and the second day on 6 April

Studyload 280 hours

Portfolio and portfolio presentation

Venue Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Needed for online sessions

Laptop with headset and webcam, broadband internet connection,
(laptop should have a wired network connection)

Registration  registration form