Postgraduate Education in Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology

Law, Ethics, Philosophy and Sociology in an international context

During this course we discuss different cases from a legal, ethical, philosophical and sociological perspective.
The aim of this course is to learn to view daily healthcare practice from a broader perspective. Ethical, philosophical, legal and social issues that influence daily practice will be discussed. The role that European thinkers and regulations have played – and still do – will be evident from the lessons.

Target group

The course is suitable for healthcare professionals with a bachelor’s degree or higher, who work or have an affinity with the (para)medical field. Potential students include graduated medical imaging and radiation experts, radio diagnostic technicians, radiation therapy technologists (RTTs), nurses and other interested health care professionals. 

Organizers and teachers

The course director is Hélène Jacobs. The teaching faculty consists of experts in law, ethics, philosophy and sociology.

Further Information

For more information about the course please contact the course director Hélène Jacobs;
e-mail: hélè

For all practical information, please contact the secretariat;
e-mail:  phone: +31-884 663 030

Course fee € 3275,- (this excludes the travel and accommodation costs and
€ 190 for literature)

DEC-2022 – JUL-2023, kick-off (14 Dec) and six meetings,
of which one 2-day meeting
(17 Jan, 14 Feb, 14 Mar, 11-12 Apr, 16 May, 13 Jun) to be followed
at our campus (except international participants)

Studyload 280 hours

Research article in which you describe the comparison of a
situation in your hospital (or laboratory) with the situation
in another hospital, possibly in the same country, but preferably
in another country.

The comparison is made from a legal, ethical, philosophical,
and sociological perspective.

Venue Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Needed for online sessions

Laptop with headset and webcam, broadband internet connection,
(laptop should have a wired network connection)

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