Postgraduate Education in Medical Imaging & Radiation Oncology

IGRT Hands-on course  Naamloos

During this one-week course, the participant will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the key concepts of Image-Guided Radiation Therapy and accurately deliver radiation treatments. The course will be given in collaboration with companies providing IGRT solutions. Although this course is the core part of a comprehensive IGRT educational program it can be done separately. The aim is an intensive course with optimum interaction between students and teachers. For this reason, the number of participants is restricted.

Interactive teaching sessions, focused on practical clinical situations, are an important part of the course and various experts from renowned RT departments will share their experience in IGRT. Clinical experts will discuss the different IGRT approaches for various clinical sites, including head-and-neck, lung, breast, and prostate cancer treatments. The core parts of the course are practical hands-on sessions for the participants and demonstrations by experienced users. Participants will use and interpret various IGRT systems, including the newest online adaptive strategies.

Target group

This hands-on course is primarily aimed at those with a bachelor’s degree or higher who have some experience of imaging in modern radiotherapy. Potential participants include radiation therapy technologists (RTTs), medical physicists and radiation oncologists, including those in training, and medical engineers working in RT departments. The course may also be of interest to employees of RT product vendors.

Organizers and teachers

The course is organized by the Inholland Academy and the Inholland University Medical Technology research group. The course directors are Mirjam Soumokil, Monica Buijs and Ingrid Kuijper. The teaching faculty consists of radiation oncologists, medical physicists, medical engineers, and RTTs from various centers in The Netherlands.

Further Information

For more information about the course please contact the course director, Mirjam Soumokil   e-mail:  /  phone: +31-631 006 629

For all practical information please contact the secretariat of the course: /  phone: +31-884 663 030

Price € 1285,-
Duration 25 JAN – 29 JAN 2022 (if COVID-19 measures allow)
Study load 40 hours
Venue Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Haarlem, The Netherlands

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